The specialists in uninsured loss recoveries for businesses.

If someone damages your vehicle or property and that results in a financial loss, we get that money back for you. It’s what we do.

Corclaim is a division of Shakespeare Martineau, and has a dedicated team of 25 people all specialising in one thing – recovering your money quickly.

We’re the only provider who focuses on recovering your losses in this way, with a specialist and expert team focussing on this one area.

The fact that we’re specialists makes us unique. It means we understand the issues you face in getting your money back and know how to deal with that to maximise your returns.

The fact we’re also a legal services provider adds further value. We’re able to use the full force of the law to pro-actively pursue your losses – we don’t have to delay matters by outsourcing it to others.

If your business has exposure to losses caused by others, we can help.

Whilst being a niche service provider, we also retain the benefit of being part of a large, successful and established legal practice which provides extra resources which you can benefit from, and means we can handle anything you ask us to help with.

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